Privacy Policy

Privacy Notice

Our website will try our best to protect  customer's privacy both legally and morally. We will spare no effort in improving our service as far as privacy is concerned. Below is our declaration:

In Terms of transaction:

I. our site will keep all the data of your personal transactions in extreme confidentiality,and will delete the unnecessary statistics at a certain time .

II.The sensitive information ,such as credit card number or your password,will be treated as our utmost secrecy,thus will be encrypted  using secure socket layer technology (SSL), and be deleted when deals are closed.

In Terms of Personal Information:

I. Upon registration, we require the minimum information from you in order to put the risk to the lowest level.

II. You browsing and dealing history will be kept only as a reference for you, and under no condition will these data be revealed to the third party.

III. For  your preferences generated from your previous buying, our site will not use them as our advantage to promote  products.

Customers' Right

I.Our customers can change and delete their personal files anytime.

II. Our customers can cancel their accounts without the consent of our site.

III.Our customer can question us whenever the concern of privacy rises, and we will contact you as soon as we can.

AirFoamposite's Duty:

I.Our site account full responsibility for our staff in aspect of customers' privacy

II.Our site will not answer for the ads and links of other companies.This declaration will be used only for the business of  AirFoamposite. 

III. Our site hold the final explanation for this declaration. Anyone who has problem understanding our terms, please contact our staff.

IV.Our site will only leave post address and phone number or other information required to the transportation company, and will not be responsible for the release of personal contact by the transportation companies.

Upon registration, our customer agree on  this declaration automatically.